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Free and Paid Certifications for Basic and Advanced Life Support

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Saving Lives means giving others the chance to make a difference in the world.

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We use state of the art equipment in all our training. Onsite training for business owners, offices, churches and schools.

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CPR can double a patience chance of survival . Classes are held to accommodate your busy schedule.

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Hand Placement, Arm Alignment, Compressions, Rescue breaths and Thrusts.

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We Leverage resources in providing emergency care training and medical supplies to developing and underserved communities around the world to prevent and reduce fatalities in emergency situations.

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Campaign to empower others to save lives

Working hand in hand with government and private agencies to help reduce preventable deaths in our society.


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50 CPR Experts

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65 Years

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No better place to get Basic Life Support Training

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Everything you need to know from ADULT, CHILD, INFANT CPR. We teach you how to ASSESS, CHECK, LOOK, & START CPR. We also provide AED, FIRST AID support and Training. Ask how you can also join us.

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