About Us

A small introduction

About Us

Global Life Savers referred to as GLS is a 501(C)(3) non-for-profit organization registered under the charitable organization act in the United States of America and in Ghana. It has its head office in New York, USA.

Let us introduce ourselves

About Global Life Savers (GLS)

GLS is formed for the charitable purpose of providing humanitarian emergency care training and medical supplies to communities of developing countries to reduce preventable deaths in emergency situations among others.

The aim of GLS is to reduce fatalities (death) in emergency situations thus to save lives through preventative advocacy, giving lifesaving skills, emergency self-help and to provide emergency relief and response to people in critical situations, such as those involved in domestic accidents among others.

GLobal Life Savers (GLS)


Empowered people saving lives

GLobal Life Savers (GLS)


1.Advocacy/Education: To create awareness on the need of first aid skills during  emergencies

2.Resourcing: To leverage resources to prevent and reduce fatalities in emergency situations in  deprived communities.

3.Skill development: To provide life saving skills in deprived communities

GLobal Life Savers (GLS)


  1. Respect for human life
  2. Selfless in service
  3. Responsible citizenship